LX Design offers services in Architectural and Residential Design for both home renovations and new construction.

Description of Services

As-Built Drawings

Includes site visit for remodels, taking careful measurements of existing conditions, producing plans of existing floor plans, elevations, and a 3d model.

Schematic Design 

Includes reviewing of design ideas and concepts & ascertaining feasibility; preparing of preliminary design. This is the collaborative part of the design.

Design Development 

Includes preparing drawings with all assumed structural elements required for construction scope of work and cost analysis by your building professional.

Construction Documents 

Includes engaging and coordinating with an Engineer, updating plans per engineering requirements, and preparing plans for building permit.

Selections & Specifications 

Includes assisting Client in the careful choosing of the best or most suitable materials to complete the design, and detailed interior plan layouts and elevations.


Involves application and submission of construction documents to the required jurisdiction. This process is different for different jurisdictions. All permit fees are paid by the client.

The following is a list of possible additional services offered by LX Design:

Additional Services Fee
Consulting – Involves a site visit to discuss your project and generate design ideas, answer questions, identify any potential problem areas, discuss design process. Full designer contract can be provided following site visit. $75 fee
3D Design – Involves using SketchUp 3D modeling software to create realistic models of proposed spaces. 5-6 color renderings in PDF and paper copies are the standard package. Contract fee/Billed hourly
Pre Design – Involves feasibility research and coordination with surveyor, geo tech, city planners, etc. to determine pre construction needs for future building projects. Contract fee
Land Use – Involves application and submission of land use materials for the partitioning of property, variance, etc. All surveying, civil engineering, traffic study fees, etc. to be paid by client directly. Contract fee
Construction Phase Consulting – Involves periodic site visits to assess and communicate design vision with contractor(s) and provide help with construction planning for fit and finish needs as required. Involves responding to contractor(s) RFI’s and providing finish details to facilitate installation of client’s product selections. Billed hourly/Per site visit
Interior Design – Please inquire for more details. Contract fee/Billed hourly
Cabinet Design  – Please inquire for more details. Contract fee